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The Best Apps for DIY Home Decor Projects

Planning a DIY home renovation project can seem daunting due to the involvement of numerous tasks. As mobile technology continues to dominate the market, a plethora of apps are now available to simplify every stage of the home improvement project, from initial planning and design to the final execution and ensuring safety. In the revolution of the digital era, technology plays a pivotal role in transforming home improvement into a more manageable and efficient process.

How Mobile Technology is Revolutionizing Home Renovation

Technology has significantly transformed various aspects of our lives including home improvement projects. Home improvement apps have made DIY projects more manageable and accessible for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts, providing a wealth of resources at their fingertips. These apps are designed with a myriad of features and tools to provide innovative solutions for the renovation process including planning, designing, and managing projects effectively.

The era of browsing through endless home design magazines and dependence on professional advice is over. Home improvement apps offer a revolutionary way for your renovation projects. These apps enable you to visualize the potential designs, explore innovative ideas and access comprehensive instructions and video tutorials. It’s all at your fingertips. This technology shift puts you in control, empowering you in making well-informed decisions to bring your renovation to life effectively.

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Best Apps for DIY Home Decor Projects

In this article, we have consolidated the best apps for home improvement, these tools are designed to enhance your renovation experience.


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Houzz app is widely regarded as one of the leading platforms for home design and remodelling, connecting homeowners and professionals together in the online community. It offers a vast library of design and decorating ideas with tons of photos and it is categorized by room, location, furniture type and style. This is good for users looking for inspiration. The app provides detailed information such as reviews, profiles and portfolios of professionals. It integrated product suggestions directly into design images, enabling user to find and make purchase related products.

– Extensive idea database.
– Integrated shopping feature.
– Overwhelming choices.
– Can be pricey for the products and services.

How much does it cost?
Explore these plans to find the right fit for taking your operations.

Basic: $0
Starter: $85 per month
Essential: $129 per month
Pro: $199 per month
Custom: Contact sales for session


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Roomscan is an innovative app designed to enable users to measure rooms using the smartphones, simplifying the process of the room measurement compared to the traditional methods. It is popular among real estate agents, interior designers, architects and DIY enthusiasts involved in home renovation projects. This app supports LiDAR technology that provides a accurate and detailed 3D scans of the rooms, making it ideal for professional who needs detailed models. The floor plans generated by the app can be edited and shared for planning and execution stages of the home design.

– Supports 3D scanning.
– Simplifies the room measurement
– Learning curve for new users.
– Can be inaccurate for complex room layouts.

How much does it cost?
It offers 2 plans.

Free: zero cost
Pro: $4.99 per month


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Homestyler is a popular interior design app that enables users to create and visualize their home design concepts through 3D modelling technology. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for the users. It offers a vast selection of fixtures, furniture and finishes, providing users to try out different styles and combinations directly in their design. User can share their designs with others, solicit feedback and engage with the community.

– Ease to use.
– Supports 3D modelling technology.
– Learning curve for complex design projects.

How much does it cost?
Explore the 5 levels of plans.

Basic: free tier
Individual: price starts from $4.90/month
Team: price starts from $9.90/month
Enterprise: price starts from $19.60 per seat/month
Custom Pricing: Contact them for a quote

Planner 5D

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Planner 5D is a comprehensive home design and interior decorating application that helps users to create intricate floor plans and 3D models. It is widespread popularity among professional designers and DIY enthusiasts. The intuitive design makes it easy to navigate for the users. The app features an extensive collections of decor items and furniture, allowing users to experiment with various aesthetics in their designs. The features of 2D and 3D modes is particularly helpful in visualizing the space in reality for a comprehensive view of their designs and can share their designs with the community to gather inspiration and receive feedback.

– Extensive library.
– Intuitive design.
– Learning curve for complex functionalities.
– Free version with limited functionality.
– Premium version for more advanced features.

How much does it cost?
Discover the Basic and Premium plans.

Basic: Free with limited functionality.
Upgrade to Premium plan:
Individual Monthly Subscription: This option includes 30 days of access to premium features, plus 5 renders and 5 textures each month.
Individual Yearly Subscription: This subscription provides 365 days of access to premium features, accompanied by 60 renders and 60 textures annually.


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MagicPlan is an application designed to assist users in creating floor plans and handling various tasks associated with interior design and construction. It serves as a valuable tools for interior designers, real estate agents and contractors. This app can generate floor plans by taking photos, accelerating the planning and documentation processes. In addition, it can estimate material and costs, create 3D models and generate complete job estimates, making it a versatile tool for project management. The plans created with the app can easily export in multiple formats such as PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG and DXF.

– Estimates tool feature.
– Learning curve for AR measurement.

How much does it cost?
It offers 3 levels of plans.

Report: $33.33/month, billed annually at $399.99.
Estimate: $74.99/month, billed annually at $899.99.
Enterprise: Contact sales for session.

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As technology continues to evolve, the anticipation of sophisticated apps will emerge, making DIY home improvement projects even more accessible and user-friendly. This continuous advancement in technology is reshaping the transformative approach to home renovation, enabling you to upgrade and personalize your home improvement projects, making it easier to transforming your living spaces.