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The Best Apps for Mind Mapping and Brainstorming

It can be devastating to forget an incredible idea. We often assume such brilliant thoughts are unforgettable, only end up with disappointment when it vanish from memory. The solution to capturing and nurturing these inspirations is pretty straightforward by jotting it down immediately. This proactive method is to ensure the ideas are recorded and potentially evolve into actionable projects.

However, when comes to complex projects with numerous elements, simple note-taking is not sufficient. Having a visual organization of your thoughts is imperative for a more structured and cohesive approach. Visual learning is an exceptionally powerful tool. This method can help to process images with remarkable speed, almost faster than a blink. Yes, I am talking about mind mapping. It excels to transform abstract ideas into structured, visual formats that enhance understanding and memory retention.

Mind mapping is particularly beneficial for handling varied and intricate concepts, from launching new products to organizational frameworks, or even keeping the track of movies you plan to watch. Many mind mapping tools are cloud-based and support collaboration capabilities, making it ideal for enhancing project clarity, fostering teamwork and improving execution efficiency.

Explore the best mind mapping and brainstorming software

Choosing the right mind mapping software is crucial for effectively creating diagrams, workflows and charts. These tools help to visualize complex ideas and connect it in meaningful ways, simplifying how components interact and improving process efficiency.

Additionally, the best mind mapping software is equipped with collaborative features, enabling teams to visualize and refine workflows and hierarchical structures together. Many of these tools can export these maps to various formats, integrating it into office documents or presentations.

Why do we use mind mapping?

Enhance retention and recall:

Mind maps enhance information retention, making it valuable during brainstorming sessions, collaboration and workshops. It can improve memory retention compared to the traditional learning techniques.

Stimulates creativity:

Mind mapping fosters creative thinking by structuring information in visually appealing and unconventional formats. It promotes the exploration of various perspectives and connections, enhancing creative problem-solving and idea generation.

Enhances learning of new concept:

Mind mapping supports various learning styles such as rote learning, meaningful learning and non-learning, integrating new information with existing knowledge.

Boosts productivity:

Mind mapping streamlines thought processes and improves efficiency in activities. It speed up ideas creation and communication for a faster and effective problem-solving, decision-making and brainstorming.

Creates an engaging learning environment:

Mind maps captivate attention with its vibrant and dynamic structures, integrating images, colours and personalized formatting. It transforms passive learning into an immersive experience, improving memory retention.

Enhances collaboration:

Mind maps provides a visual platform for sharing and comparing ideas. This tool is effective especially in online collaboration with the use of visual elements to improve communications and simplify interactions.

Aids problem-solving:

Mind maps offers new perspectives on problem-solving with visual documentation and non-linear thinking. It identifies relationships and patterns, fostering solutions that are contextual and comprehensive.

Documents thought patterns:

Mind maps are useful in visualizing and documenting thought structures, helping to create associations and clarify the thought processes. It is particularly useful for detailing processes.

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Best Apps for Mind Mapping and Brainstorming

In this article, we have listed down a curated list of the best mind mapping platforms currently available, sharing the information on the robust features and intuitive interfaces. Explore these mind mapping software options to harness the potential of your creative thoughts and transform the way you capture, structure, and execute your ideas.


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Scapple is an excellent tools for thinkers, writers and individuals aiming to organize thoughts visually. This tool offers flexible functionalities and intuitive interface for organizing thoughts and managing projects. The user-friendly interface allows user to start organizing their ideas that simplifies the thought processes effectively. It provides personalization options including colours, fonts and line styles, enhancing the clarify and visual appeal of the organized thoughts. It can seamlessly integrate with tool such as Scrivener, making it valuable during the stages of writing and project planning. The unique approach allows users to start their mind maps on a canvas without the need for a central node.

– Intuitive interface.
– Customization options
– No collaboration features.
– Lack of advanced formatting capabilities.

How much does it cost?

It offers different licenses for MacOS and Windows.

Windows (Standard Licence and Educational Licence): [Check price]

MacOS (Standard Licence and Educational Licence): [Check price]


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Coggle is an effective tools for individuals and teams looking to collaborate on visualizing ideas and managing projects. Its clean and intuitive design makes it easy to dive into mind mapping, simplifying the learning curve significantly. The real-time collaboration allows users to work on the same mind map at the same time, making it ideal for management of projects and brainstorming with team members. This tool provides rich text and images, allowing users to create visually appealing and detailed diagrams. Coggle offers integration with platform such as Google Drive, facilitating easy storage and sharing of mind maps that streamlines workflow with the teams.

– User-friendly interface.
– Real-time collaboration features.
– Enhanced visual features.
– Limitations in free version.
– Requires Internet connection.

How much does it cost?

Explore the plans of Coggle.

Free Forever: $0

Awesome: $5 per month

Organisation: $8 per member per month


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MindMeister is an effective tool for its collaboration features and intuitive design. The features of the collaborative mind mapping focus to improve the project planning and brainstorming for both individual and teams. It enables users to visualize and share their ideas efficiently and the real-time collaboration features make it a robust tool for the teams. It is designed with intuitive and clean interface, simplifying the creation and editing of mind maps efficiently. The compatibility with various platforms including iOS, Android and web, enhancing the accessibility and flexibility. MindMeister supports many export formats such as PDF and PNG, making it easy to share it with the teams.  

– Cross-platform Compatibility.
– Collaboration in real-time.
– Supports extensive export formats.
– Limitation in free version.
– Can be expensive for limited budgets.

How much does it cost?

Discover the plans for MindMeister.

Basic: Free

Personal: $6.50 per user/month

Pro: $10.50 per user/month

Business: $15.50 per user/month

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In summary, mind mapping is a comprehensive cognitive tool that enhances understanding, creativity and productivity. With the integration of mind mapping into your cognitive practices, it can revolutionize the unique approach to learning, collaboration and problem-solving, boosting both personal growth and professional development.