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The Power of Microlearning: How 15 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life

In the era of digital revolution, it has become a norm to stay informed with the emerging trends of the market. The shift to the remote work has accelerated especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, employee have to stay productive for working outside the office. The capacity of focus spans is dwindling, the struggle to focus on task for long periods of time has posed as a challenge.

In digital world, there are a vast amount of information online and this can be overwhelming to use the traditional approach to cover everything at one go. In search of solution to such issue has never been more pressing, the strategy has rapidly increased in popularity for the ability to adopt the acquisition of knowledge in a short time. Let’s explore the power of microlearning.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is the break down of educational information into smaller parts for easy digestible segments. This offers a highly efficient alternative method to the traditional time consuming session, delivering a concise and shorter time of learning experience that can typically last between two to five minutes. This approach has amazingly improved up to seventeen percent on the efficiency of learning for fast-paced lifestyles of the modern world. The bite-sized content seems effective and manageable for the acquisition of knowledge.

Evolution of Microlearning

Microlearning practices are not something new, the concept of microlearning has existed as long as learning itself. The popularity has surged and emerged in recent years. The e-learning platform is introduced and microlearning began to rapidly gain its momentum with the digital revolution of the internet in 1990s. This offers the access to content to the learners at any time and from anywhere, the flexibility has significantly boosted the growth of microlearning in the market. Its value has increased from $1.59 billion in 2020 to a projected $4.04 billion by 2028. Microlearning is ideal in today’s context as the access to a device is easily accessible. The engagement has significantly increased in the emerging trend of the microlearning.

Benefits of Microlearning

The adaptability of microlearning is extended to mobile learning, it is ideal to have instant access of the required knowledge for learner at their convenience. The fact is that mobile device comes in small screen sizes with network connectivity but the immediate access of acquiring knowledge the on-the-go can enhance the productivity and engagement. This is how microlearning can reshape the professional development.

Bridging the gap

The job scopes are rapidly evolving, requiring to fill the critical gaps in a shorter time. The practise of microlearning facilities a quick and focused session to be competitive, agile and productive for professional life.   

Empowering learning culture

Microlearning operates in a seamless and never-ending journey, aiding in engagement with employee on the training materials based on their terms. This approach is beneficial for remote work, fostering a continuous learning. Supplementary resources such as articles and videos allows employee to further understand the subject of interest. Encourage interactions among employees to share ideas and experiences and implement social learning strategy facilitate a collaborative learning workplace.

Adapting to work environment

There are different work settings such as remote, onsite and hybrid needs flexible and adaptable methods. The structure of microlearning can tailor to the varied schedules of the current employees, enhancing skill and improve its effectiveness.

Elevating the engagement

Traditional training approaches may not engage remote employee effectively due to insufficient informal learning opportunities. Microlearning method offers brief and concise content to remote employee in a more engaging and impactful experience. Incorporating gamification toto an interactive activity to maintain engagement and motivation on the objectives.

Stay informed of the emerging trends

Breaking down the content enable the employees to stay in touch about the latest trends of the industry technologies and developments. It is important to maintain the competitive edge in the fast-paced market.

Empowering problem solving

Employees are able to access specific information with the practise of microlearning, enabling to tackling the challenges independently. This approach cultivates a more dynamic and proactive workforce, boosting self-reliance and assurance.

Personalised Learning experience

Creation of personalised training paths for professional career goals and learning preferences can improve engagement and enhance skill with the flexibility of microlearning.

Reducing cost

Microlearning offers lower cost on resources and it is more engaging and effective than the traditional training. It is cost effective investment for the development of employees’ programs.

Broaden the knowledge base

Employee can adopt the microlearning methods to gain insights on a wide range of topics in a short time. The method cultivates more efficient and productive workforce.

Boosting talent retention

Job satisfaction such as professional growth and upward mobility is the crucial factors to keep talent within the organization. This strategy of microlearning showcase the commitment of the growth and advancement for the employee.

Leveraging on Microlearning platforms and tools

Microlearning platforms and tools have become essential in delivering concise and impactful learning experience according to the needs of the employees. These platforms is ideal for the creation of bite-sized content that tailor the needs of the busy professionals. We have consolidated some of the platforms and tools that are worthy to mention.

TalentCards: Mobile learning platform that is designed for on-the-go professional and non-desk employees. Delivers bite-sized content on mobile cards.

Udemy Business: It is not exclusively a microlearning platform but it offers a wide range of course on microlearning model.

EdApp: Offers free courses in its course library and allows customization on courses for workplace learning. It has additional features such as gamification and spaced repetition etc.

Axonify: Delivers personalized microlearning experience that can tailor the training based the needs and performance of employees for company

Blinkist: Offers book summaries of non-faction books that require 15 minutes of reading or listening time.

Loom: Free online screen recording tools with features of video editing and video storage. Allows to record the training or session and employee can view it at their convenience.

Quizlet: another learning tools for flashcards, quizzes and games. Enable employee to digest the information in small chunks.

Choosing the right one really depends on your specific needs, the skills you want to learn, and the preferred learning format.

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In essence, microlearning solves the pressing problem to the impact of the digital era on focus span and the habits of learning. The methods have unlocked the full potential towards a more efficient, impactful and flexible pathway to knowledge learning and retention. Microlearning is not solely on the acquisition of knowledge in a mere fifteen minutes but it’s a lifelong growth and development, integrating into daily life in the current digital trends.