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      Start to identify the urgent or crucial tasks for every projects to manage it effectively. Tasks and projects have its own importance based on few factors such as strategic alignment, financial value and the outcome of not completing it.

      It’s crucial to plan carefully and keep track of your progress. You can use various tools such as Kandan boards or project planning software, this creates a detailed and visual plan by breaking down into milestone with delivery dates, allocation of resources and tracking the progress. Conduct regular review and adjust it accordingly based on the development.

      Focus one task at a time. Give yourself time blocks for each tasks and consider to organise it into blocks like half a day. This will minimize distractions and stay concentrated on your work that will maximize the productivity.

      Delegating is the key when comes to overwhelmed workload. Identify the right person with the skill and explain clearly on what needs to be done with realistic deadline. Focus on the priority first and provide the resources and authority to make decisions. Monitor the progress closely, this will not only lighten the load but also empowers your teammates to achieve better results. This strategy is effective for managing multiple projects and focus on the important tasks while your teammates can handle the tasks with specific responsibilities.

      What will do you do for managing multiple projects?

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