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      Firefox, Google Chrome & Edge Browsers

      Microsoft office – Offcie suite (paid) Alternative office suite: LibreOffice (Free)

      VLC media player – one of the most popular apps on Window and supports many different video formats.

      Bitwarden – password manager. Too many password to remember.

      Autokey – automation software for computer.

      7 zip – extract and compress files in various archive formats.

      GIMP – image editing software that pack with many of the similiar features. – Another image editing software

      Fences 4 – Desktop organizational tool

      f.lux – advanced blue light filter

      DevToys — Various converters

      Handbrake — Video conversion and compression utility

      Ditto Clipboard – a clipboard manager

      Greenshot – to take screenshots.

      Obsidian – A great note-taking software.

      Notepad++ : Quite a decent note-taking app.

      Rainmeter – A desktop customizing tool.

      Snapdrop – Airdrop but for all the devices.

      FXsound – FOSS application that enhances your PC audio.

      SumatraPDF – a fast lightweight and safe PDF reader

      TeraCopy – Replaces the built in windows transfer window.

      WinSCP – One of the better FTP transfer programs

      I’m probably missing some of it.  Feel free to share yours.


        Twinkle Tray – Brightness Slider for Windows.
        Flow Launcher – a spotlight like universal search for windows.
        Fences 4 – Desktop organizational tool
        Microsoft Powertoys – cool features like image resizer, color picker and more…
        StartAllIsBack – A great Windows Start Menu/Taskbar replacement
        PowerToys – So many plugins and tools.
        Everything Search – universal search for windows
        Audacity – A powerful audio editing software
        FX Sound – Improves the sound quality of your pc/laptop – Also a powerful image editing software

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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