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      Year 2024 is already here. There are a lot of tools to improve productivity for daily tasks. I would like to share my list of my apps that I found it useful for myself.

      ClickUp – a comprehensive project management tool with tons of features for task assignment, collaboration, scheduling and workflows. It helps to make it easy to meet deadlines and boost productivity.

      Google Calendar – an essential tool for time management with scheduling features and helps to manage time effectively. Integration with other apps can enhance planning and organization.

      ToDoList – to manage tasks with categorization of tasks and progress tacking, improving productivity for projects.

      Monday.com – a customizable work-spaces and automation on the workflow and help on task segregation and collaboration for project management.

      Notion – another customizable tool for project management, note taking and tasks management. It has AI-enhancement feature and make it a powerful tool for managing workload and improve productivity.

      Slack – a platform that can streamlined collaboration, facilitate decision-making and centralizing discussions.

      Microsoft OneNote – One of the popular tools for note-taking, tasks organization and a powerful search capability to enhance productivity.

      Reclaim.ai – an AI-powered app for time management. It can seamlessly syncs meetings and tasks and tracking the progress.

      Miro – a collaboration tool for project management, brainstorming with team mates remotely. The interactive features and integrations help in problem-solving and project planning.

      Asana – web and mobile platform to streamline tasks management and project management. It can track progress and facilitating team collaboration.

      Let me know if you know any app that is useful to add into the list.


        Obsidian for my daily notes and brainstorming
        UpNote for note-taking on any device.
        Microsoft to do for note-taking

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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