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      I have visited my friend who lives in an apartment and doesn’t make that much money, but somehow has the coziest place. I feel that my house have echoed an unwelcoming chill. I am not a creative person and wish to infuse some warmth and vibrant hues to my house. I really want the space to feel cozy and welcoming, which is not something I know how to do. When I checked the furniture online, the items that I like is really expensive and I’m not incline to second-hand furniture.

      Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated.


        You can to marketplace to check out the price. Here’s some of the DIY decorating ideas:

        – Place a nice painted front door for main door.
        – Consider to have a slipcover on the dining chairs, which can protect from spills.
        – Consider to get some wall art inspirational quotes, framed photos for visual interest.
        – Convert bookshelves into gallery with books, decorative items and small plants.
        – Removing old or damaged items around the house.
        – Consider to get plants and flowers to beautify space.
        – Consider to get mirror to amplify the space.
        – consider to repurpose ladders for display.
        – Consider to get a floor lamp.

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          Swap out pillows and furniture covers. Choose a neutral tones that looks more versatile. I think of getting a new wallpaper for a quick, impactful change or repaint the wall and add string or fairy lights.

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